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High School Forensics

Intellectual Athletics

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This community is for anyone who participates in high school forensics, or speech and debate.

This community is moderated by me, kwpdb8.

The Purpose

The purpose of this community is to provide open discussion for those involved in high school forensics...be it coaches, students, former debaters, etc. Whether you do individual events, student congress, or debate, you are welcome here. Discuss pieces for DUO, DI, HI, Storytelling, PPI, OI, etc.; discuss the current resolutions in LD, CX, and Public Forum; extempers and parli debaters can post best/worst speech topics, and congressmen/women are free to discuss different types of legislation. General forensics discussion is also encouraged, such as discussion of NFL points, tournaments, and coaching styles.

A Few Ground Rules:

Keep it clean. As a debater myself, I understand cursing in moderation and in context. But I will not hesitate to delete a post with strings of curse words, nor will I hesitate to ban a member who repeats this offense.
Be courteous. Forensics is about professionalism...so you damn well better be polite to your fellow speechmakers. I expect maturity out of a group of students that generally has a higher maturity level than the status quo of high school students. You will be banned upon violation of this rule.
Use correct grammar/spelling. Just don't let things fade into IMspeak.
Hey guys, my name is BlahBlah from BlahBlah School in BlahBlah, BL. I do PFD and dramatic!
omgz ur not gunna bleive wat this 1 judge wrote on my ballot last weeknd he said "ur piece is really obnoxious and i dont like the voice u use for sheila." im so mad!!!!!!!!!! judges suck omg *tear* :(:(:(
Use lj-cut tags. Please put all signifigantly long texts and ALL pictures behind an lj-cut tag, for the utmost convenience of all members. Don't make me do it for you. If you need help with the lj-cut feature, directions can be found here. Again, this is a bannable offense if repeated.

Call me anal, but those are the rules. I'm actually a really nice person, and I'm open to any suggestions as to what I can do to make the community better.

Have fun, happy debating!

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