sailacrossthsun (sailacrossthsun) wrote in hs_forensics,

Upcoming Season

So, this group hasn't been updated in awhile, but I would like some feedback if possible. I'm about to be a senior, and this will be my fourth year doing speech. This will also be my second year as president of my team. So, yea... I love speech : ). Anyways, Over my first three years on the team I've done scripted and memorized duo, prose, drama, humor (once), and original interpretation (declamation). I went on to state competition in drama and declamation. 

Seeing as I'm in my last year of high school speech, I can't decide what to stick with this year! I'm thinking about going back into drama, doing a duo, a humor, or trying op. What I want to know is, can anyone recommend any good new authors for any of these categories (except op of course). Our coach hasn't been getting a good variety of matieral lately and the good pieces we do get come from the college circuit because her son is a coach for a Chicago team. My hope is that I'll find a good piece that will make my category decision easy.
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