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High School Forensics [entries|friends|calendar]
High School Forensics

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Upcoming Season [13 Jul 2009|06:34pm]

So, this group hasn't been updated in awhile, but I would like some feedback if possible. I'm about to be a senior, and this will be my fourth year doing speech. This will also be my second year as president of my team. So, yea... I love speech : ). Anyways, Over my first three years on the team I've done scripted and memorized duo, prose, drama, humor (once), and original interpretation (declamation). I went on to state competition in drama and declamation. 

Seeing as I'm in my last year of high school speech, I can't decide what to stick with this year! I'm thinking about going back into drama, doing a duo, a humor, or trying op. What I want to know is, can anyone recommend any good new authors for any of these categories (except op of course). Our coach hasn't been getting a good variety of matieral lately and the good pieces we do get come from the college circuit because her son is a coach for a Chicago team. My hope is that I'll find a good piece that will make my category decision easy.
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[30 Nov 2008|06:54pm]

for my English class, we had to do a two minutes hate (from 1984), and we did ours about how we feel at the end of speech tournaments. I thought this community mind enjoy it, haha.

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hah, [03 Oct 2008|11:56pm]

you know you're in forensics when you wake up at 7 on a saturday morning and think, "SHIT! i'm late!!".

that's totally gonna be me tomorrow morning.

wish me luck in DI! D:
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Er, hello. *Awkward wave* [13 Sep 2008|07:36pm]

I'm Karen, this is my first year doing speech stuff... eep!
I do Extemp, but I also really want to do Poetry Reading in the future.

Hopefully I can get some tips here, because so far I'm rather overwhelmed by speech and everything, even though it seems really exciting. Since there's so much commitment, my mom and I have considered that I quit piano lessons... even though it'll look kinda bad on my resume.

But anyhow, I should quit rambling here!

I'm very interested in Israel/Palestine and Tibet, as well as International Politics in general.

So, uh, yeah. *Shrinks away*

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[11 Aug 2008|11:24pm]

Hey I'm Alex!
I'm a high school sophomore and I've been on SDteam for five years this year.

I'm looking for this DI piece...help me out?
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[04 Aug 2008|09:33pm]

okay this was asked further down the page but it got no replies so i'm gonna try again; Does anyone have any links to good HI's?? I'm dying to do an HI this year and as we have a forensics work week this week, our goal is to find our peices. so if anyone knows anywhere where I can find some good HI's that's be so awesome. YAY 4n6!
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Congress [16 Jul 2008|11:17pm]

Well I just graduated, so technically I am not a high school debator anymore, but let me tell you, Congress is awesome! I would recommend it for any level of debater, whether you are brand new or a seasoned competitor.  
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Some Love [28 Jun 2008|06:14pm]

I'm new and I love speech and debate so I thought I would tell everyone I was here and I'm always looking for new cuts and stuff so yeah
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[04 Feb 2008|06:31pm]

hey, I'm new here. I noticed this community hasn't been updated in a while and I just thought I'd get a bit of discussion going. (wow, I sound super lame.)

-Where are you from? I'm from Texas.
-Does your team do NFL/what other forensic leagues does your team do? Mine only does TFA (Texas Forensics Association) and UIL speech events. we beg and beg to go to NFL tournaments but our coach persistently says no :(
-post some videos you've made at tournaments/of speech related things.
all I have is my duet partner, Sloan, singing a made-up song in our TFA state boredom after we didn't break our freshman year. hah.

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Reallly random revival post [26 Oct 2007|07:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

 So, considering the season is about to/has started up again, I thought I'd post.

I live in Northern KY, and the first competition for our school is actually tomorrow (oh, this'll be interesting).

I'm mostly a speaker (Extemp, Impromptu, Broadcasting, Dec [which used to be 9-10 only in KY, but is now all grades]).  I do poetry/prose and Congress when needed.  I'm a Junior, and this is my second year.  (I sort of....quit....my freshman year.)

So...how's it going?  XD

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[23 Jul 2007|10:31pm]

anyone in here go to speech and/or debate camp? and for what event?

I'm currently at WFI for Policy Debate.
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DI and HI [16 Jul 2007|03:05am]

[ mood | content ]

Hey guys! I'm new here. =] Forensics just got started up again and I caught on late in the year, so I didn't get to get a real taste of it...but I love it so far and am anticipating next year's. I was reading down a little and a lot of people mentioned their accomplishments, so I'll say that I got fifth place in the Disticts Poetry comp.

Well anyway, I want to try DI and HI. I've found a DI, so do you guys have any tips?

And is there anywhere I could find a good HI?

Thanks in advance. =]

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[28 Jun 2007|02:50am]

so this hasn't been updated in awhile so i thought i would post something...

i do interp events
ive been to state and nationals in humor

um, yeah

okay there it was
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[22 May 2007|10:33am]

Who is going to Nationals in Kansas, and in what event?

I am going in Policy Debate.
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[14 May 2007|09:32pm]

new member. =]

i'm alex, i live in michigan and my forensics season just ended. i go to divine child and we just took second in the state for class BCD second to andover...and they only had five more competetors. i did duo and my piece was "the creation of the world and other business" by arthur miller. i'm class of 09 and i will definitely continue through high school and into college.

and i think that's pretty much it for now. <3
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[23 Apr 2007|06:04pm]
I'm new. =D
I'm Jane

I am a huge forensics person.
Here's a bit about me:

I placed fourth in state at middle level in duo.
I am a duo/dramatic intep. person.

I also love sales and poetry.
I couldn't survive in extemp. Although, I'd LOVE to try it.

My favorite piece I've ever competed with was Ditzies, by Debora Karzowski.
I find most of my resouses at www.brookpub.com.

Can't wait to meet you all. =D
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Ripon [22 Apr 2007|06:18am]

Hello there! After a long day I was just wondering if anyone else on this community was at Ripon College yesterday for the WFCA state competition? I had a lot of fun there, and I hope everyone else did too. It's the hardest competitions of my year, but also the most enjoyable.
And if no one else was there, then best of luck in your last competitions of the year as well!
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Mar/Apr LD Topic: UN [01 Feb 2007|02:19pm]
Resolved: The United Nations' obligation to protect global human rights ought to be valued above its obligation to respect national sovereignty.

(from NFL Online)
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Poetry [22 Dec 2006|04:06am]
Hey everyone im looking for either the poem or the author to "Tamam" its a poem about a girl from gaza who gets raped and her brother blows up a bus, thatd be great if someone could help me out thanks!
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[12 Dec 2006|01:20am]

People on my friends-list are apparently super-lame, because they haven't been commenting at all. I'm looking for a couple of new lj-friends...and since, seriously, my entire life is consumed by debate, I thought I'd fish for new friends in a couple of communities I'm familiar with.

Ideally, you are queer, in college, on the left end of politics, a feminist, and a debater. Please add me if you're interesting and want to meddle in a complete stranger's life. :)
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