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Well I just graduated, so technically I am not a high school debator anymore, but let me tell you, Congress is awesome! I would recommend it for any level of debater, whether you are brand new or a seasoned competitor.  
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Sure...unless you think forensics involves speech and debate.
congress is speech and debate.

as is forensics. speech and debate are known as forensics. this group is dedicated to speech and debate, not crime scene analysis of dead bodies.
Yeah, I know what forensics is. My implication was that Congress isn't forensics because it doesn't involve speech or debate. I thought that was clear.

Sorry, six minutes of speaking in a two-hour session is not speech. And the half-assed refutation that passes for argumentation in Congress isn't debate.

Or maybe I'm just stirring the proverbial pot...
*can't resist arguement*

I only speak approximately seven and half minutes in about two hours. Maybe our tournaments are run more slowly than most, but I do just as much speaking (as an interp competitor) as any student congress participant on my team.

Some speak more than I do.
I just picked two hours because that's a pretty common standard for the length of a congress round. You also probably get more rounds than they do. In local tournaments around here, Congress gets two two-hour sessions, so that's 240 minutes split between 30 competitors. When you subtract out time for recesses, choosing speakers, voting on legislation, it really only leaves time for each person to speak an average of two or three times. Six to nine minutes. Many interpers speak for more than that in one round.
I do believe that this is a null argument, if you're merely noting its worth due to time constraints.

Consider the fact that many congress competitors are well-versed in extemp, and use those skills in session. Many competitors research much like their OO, extemp, and debate counterparts.

Additionally, if time is the only qualification, would you not consider impromptu a forensic event? Impromptu is considered by many to be, and competitors certainly do not speak for very long.

I could understand saying impromptu is not speech/debate. But to say congress, which truly is one of the few events that is modeled after "real" debate (as in the workings of true legislative bodies), is not debate is a pretty base judgment.
haha yeah, congress is deff speech and debate. I belong to the NFL...

the National Forensics League...which is all speech and debate students.

Congress is Speech and Debate. It had qualities from both events. Don't bash it because you don't do it. It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of research AND A lot of intelligent discussion and debate. What we do is real, we debate real topics that could have real consequences. It is a part of forensics as much as poetry, prose, lincoln-douglas or public forum are.