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Reallly random revival post

 So, considering the season is about to/has started up again, I thought I'd post.

I live in Northern KY, and the first competition for our school is actually tomorrow (oh, this'll be interesting).

I'm mostly a speaker (Extemp, Impromptu, Broadcasting, Dec [which used to be 9-10 only in KY, but is now all grades]).  I do poetry/prose and Congress when needed.  I'm a Junior, and this is my second year.  (I sort freshman year.)'s it going?  XD
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I'm a Junior; this is my second year. I do extemp and policy debate. Our first debate tournament is Nov. 3 and our first speech tournament is Nov. 9.

I hate extemp with a burning passion, but I'm stoked for the first debate tournament.
Oh, God, extemp really does suck, doesn't it??? XD

I feel like I'm not gonna have a break at all....XP
Right, so, you've made me happy for more than one reason. XD

I'm actually at an overnight tournament right now. I'm trying to like extemp more.

Happy? XP
I judge LD (and sometimes CX when the CX pool needs padding). I don't know from extemp. I don't know from any speech event, really. I was just OBJECT!ing because I saw your icon. =P
Ah, makes sense. XD Hm, debate...never really tried...not sure if I want to. I don't think I could do that.

Yay for Phoenix Wright fans! <3
Judging is MUCH harder than playing... assuming you actually understand the game and judge correctly and flow, etc.

I still do it "for fun," so... ;)
sup aidan